We provide ELECTRONICS and ROBOTICS courses to anyone over 12 years old.

Club Electron aims to prepare children for a world in 4IR. We inspire young minds in areas like electronics, robotics and coding in order to be able to TINKER, BUILD and CODE with new technologies

" Club Electron has been the thing that my son has most looked forward to each week! I have been very impressed by the quite sophisticated material he has been exposed to, without having it intimidate them in any way"C

- Prof. DB Davidson

boy play with electronics
child building electronics
Learning Electronics

Our electronics courses teach you how electricity works and how you can manipulate current with various components, building amazing things that can buzz, flash and move.

child learning robotics
Learning robotics

Robotics is where electronics and coding combine to become a powerful creative platform. In our course the children learn to code an Arduino microcontroller to make things happen in the real world. Creating incredible project while having fun.

Learning app building

Apps are part of our children's worlds and learning to code their own apps is an empowering experience. Continue developing their coding skills while they get creative with app ideas for their tablets


Hi, I’m Jeanine

I have been teaching children electronics, robotics and coding since 2012, and am passionate about making this exciting world of technology available to the younger generation while they are still full of creative ideas, where ever they are in the world.